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BroDux Assassin - Eau de Parfum
BroDux Assassin - Eau de Parfum

BroDux Assassin - Eau de Parfum

BroDux Obsidian - Eau de Parfum
BroDux Obsidian - Eau de Parfum

BroDux Obsidian - Eau de Parfum


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Crafted with an Exquisite 45% Oil Volume

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Immerse yourself in a symphony of six luxurious fragrances, all elegantly encased for an extraordinary olfactory journey.

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At BroDux, we're not just selling cologne – we're offering an experience backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Crafted with care and passion, BroDux is more than a brand; it's a journey led by a young, energetic entrepreneur

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What Our Customers Say


Kenneth Montgomery

Best bang for buck cologne out there

I bought this not knowing what to expect, taking a chance that it would smell good. I am not easy to please with my scents. This scent is fantastic. The quality beats the price. It lasts ALL DAY. It stands up to the name brands and may honestly be better.




Purchased as a gift for someone else and he loved it! Scent was perfect :)


Prestige Collection


11 outta 10!

Each one is so different and unique, there’s an option for everyone. The fragrance itself lasts ALL day long, and I cannot say enough good about these products. Perfect for both men and women, and an amazing gift option if you’re not sure about which full sized product to purchase. 11/10 recommend !!


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